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Bringing Your Clients to an eap/EAL session

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Bringing Your Clients to an EAP/EAL Session

All EAP and EAL sessions are co-facilitated by an equine specialist and mental health professional. Sessions last on average one hour and provide an opportunity for therapists to see their clients' behavioral patterns, gain insight into cognitive processes, and work on solutions in the present. EAP is an excellent tool for gathering information in assessment as well as a mechanism for creating movement with clients who are "stuck" in current patterns of behavior. Therapists who wish to bring their clients and co-facilitate sessions can bill as usual for third-party reimbursement. Equine Specialist fee is out of pocket $40 payable by client or therapist.

Occupational Therapy Referrals are accepted for Sensory and Behavior Modification Sessions. These sessions assist with addressing sensory deficits, impulse control, communication deficits, and self-soothing techniques. We have experience working with a wide range of developmental challenges and welcome everyone to explore the possibilities equine-assisted activities can offer. Please call for more information. OT's are also welcome to bring clients for exercise sessions. References are available upon request.

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Assessment Sessions: Designed for practicing mental health professionals. May bring a client for an EAP or EAL session in order to assess clients they are seeing for the first time or to help “refresh” an existing counseling relationship. This is a great option for clients who seem to be “stuck” and helps lessen the intensity between client and counselor.

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