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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Taking the Reins Program Model

"Taking the Reins" is a proprietary research-based program developed by Equine Intervention, LLC. The program includes unique facets that when utilized along with our equine-assisted activities create opportunities for lasting change. Research supports positive outcomes when the activity manual is used in conjunction with the other dimensions of the "Taking the Reins" program. The majority of the equine-assisted activitie are unique to our program; however those activities that have been adapted from other entities are noted within the activity manual. "Taking the Reins" activity program manuals and information regarding the research tools utilized and data analysis are the sole property of Equine Intervention, LLC and may only be used by those who have purchased the rights to use the entire program. Taking the Reins is currently available for At-Risk Adolescents as both a school-based and Residential Placement program, as well as, Adult Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Taking the Reins for adolescents reported an 80% success rate over 2 years with significantly higher improvement percentages in specific areas such as impulse control, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem. Both quantitative and qualitative data was gathered during the 2-year period. Taking the Reins for Substance Abuse Treatment reported overall, 194 individuals have participated in the equine therapy since November 2009. 137 of those completed their initial treatment recommendation giving a 70% completion rate. Of those who have completed services 87% have not returned to date.

Grant Funding is being sought to validate Taking the Reins for Service members and Taking the Reins for Multi-Family Group for Parents and Children. Anyone interested in purchasing the Taking the Reins program (Program outline, implementation procedures and consultation, measurement tools, activity manuals, data interpretation) should contact Equine Intervention, LLC (843)453-9985.