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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Programs

What EAP Programs are offered?

  • Troops & their Families: Groups, individuals, family sessions. Equine-assisted psychotherapy program designed to assist and support troops and their families before deployment, during deployment, and post-deployment.
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  • Individual, Couples, Group & Family Counseling: Equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions are designed to treat a wide range of issues involving communication, eating disorders, addictions/substance abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, anger management, domestic violence, parenting issues such as parent/child conflict, boundary & attachment/detachment.

  • *Assessment Sessions: Designed for practicing mental health professionals. May bring a client for an EAP or EAL session in order to assess clients they are seeing for the first time or to help “refresh” an existing counseling relationship. This is a great option for clients who seem to be “stuck” and helps lessen the intensity between client and counselor.
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