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Equine Assisted Learning Programs

What EAL Programs are Offered?

  • "Taking the Reins" Program: Designed for schools and children in placement (foster care, residential boys/girls homes).

    At-Risk Adolescents, Post-Deployment Soldiers, Inmate Rehabilitation Please contact Equine Intervention for more information on the Taking the Reins Program Model.

  • Personal Growth and Wellness Sessions, Half & Full Day Workshops: Program is an equine assisted learning program designed for individuals, couples, families, youth groups, athletic teams, and civic organizations. Focuses on character building, self-esteem, confidence, empowerment, leadership, decision-making skills, communication skills, cooperation, positive outlook on self and life.

  • Teambuilding Sessions, Half & Full Day Workshops: Designed to assess and improve the dynamics of individuals working together as a team. Builds cooperation, efficiency, creativity, communication skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills.  This is geared for businesses, staff development, athletic teams, civic organizations, youth groups, student or faculty groups. Equine Intervention provides a written assessment of how your group works together. Businesses should consider 2-3 sessions, but it is not required.

  • *Assessment Sessions: Designed for practicing mental health professionals. May bring a client for an EAP or EAL session in order to assess clients they are seeing for the first time or to help “refresh” an existing counseling relationship. This is a great option for clients who seem to be “stuck” and helps lessen the intensity between client and counselor.
  • Therapists: Contact Equine Intervention for more info